Shave Dick


Preparing a Gallery Exhibit

SEPTEMBER 13, 2016

It takes a lot of time and hard work to create a gallery exhibit. The good news is that Dick allows for tremendous creative freedom so the ideas simply flow. However, transitioning from an idea to reality is often two different things. But, when in the flow, even mistakes or bad ideas evolve into something special. I love when a piece makes me laugh when I think of it, when I create it, and especially when it continues to make me laugh every time I look at it. Some continue to make me laugh just thinking about it. That’s what excites me.

The other thing that excites me about this project is the conversations that ensue. My 75 year old neighbor is helping me with the wood carvings. This is a man who wouldn’t even say penis, much less Dick, six months ago. In that time our conversations have focused on Dick and with his significant contribution in helping to sculpt these little guys, he now is completely engaged and having a blast with naughty word play and innuendo.


That is the core of what All About Dick is about… permission. Permission to talk about the penis. And, not only talk about it, have fun with it! Why are we so uptight about it? Why are some people appalled by it? Can we dissolve some of the mystique by bringing it front and center? That’s the intention, let’s see where it brings us.

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