All About Dick

What started as a “tongue and cheek” look at society through the one good eye of a penis organically grew into something much greater.

It began by dressing a penis in various costumes that poked fun at certain stereotypes. It was shot on film, before Viagra, so the process was cumbersome and involved a lot of foreplay… five play… six, seven, ten play! The original intention was not to Photoshop so that the backgrounds were as important as the costumes.  Because it took so long to create each image and the lighting was not the best, I simply filed the images and did nothing to further the project.

For years, All About Dick sat on my shoulder wanting me to do something with the idea. By this time other people had already started posting pictures of dicks in costumes and dicks doing funny things. But nobody had yet to connect it socially.

Then, one day, standing in a museum gift shop, I looked at all of the adult coloring books and suddenly it hit me that this was the next step! I thought the juxtaposition of the childlike quality of the coloring book with its line drawings to communicate some touchy and poignant issues was a perfect marriage.  Suddenly the ideas began to flow.

When the idea of an “event” at a gallery was offered to introduce All About Dick – the coloring book, it didn’t take long for All About Dick –  the gallery exhibit, to evolve. Some of the coloring book “Dicks” inspired a painting or two, but a new medium created a new perspective on expression for Dick.  And, one year later we are ready for our first show.

As I began creating pieces for the exhibit it became very clear that this was no longer just a funny little idea. I wanted to exploit the penis the way that men have exploited women for centuries. I wanted to reduce them to a purely physical object that I could do with whatever I wished.

And then something even greater happened… I began to see the incredible beauty of the penis. I no longer wanted to exploit it, I wanted to celebrate it! I wanted to explore its beauty, its shame, its sadness and all of its glory.

I hope you enjoy my interpretation. After all…. It’s a Fauque!