113 Names for the Penis

Posted on November 18, 2017

I recently attending The Brant Foundation Art Study Center’s fall exhibition which featured the art of Jason Rhoades.  I entered the main room and was delighted by hundreds of words expressed in Neon. I like Neon. I read the words… Furry Horse Collar… Oak Tree Planter… Chopped Liver.  It was very nice. Then, it was explained to me that the neon words was actually a collection of 96 names for the Vagina. What was very nice, was now awesome!Read More

Who Gives a Dick?

Posted on June 21, 2017

What started as a “tongue and cheek” look at society through the one good eye of a penis organically grew into something much greater. It began by dressing a penis in various costumes that poked fun at certain stereotypes. It was shot on film, before Viagra, so the process was cumbersome and involved a lot of foreplay… five play… six, seven, ten play! The original intention was not to Photoshop so that the backgrounds were as important as the costumes. Read More